filled the doorway he stood in, big and broad and dangerously strong. Boys Hypervenom Phantom II IC Black White Soccer TrainersWorryingly so.She didnrsquo;t know what put that sense of danger into his appearance. There Boys Hypervenom Phantom II IC White Red Soccer Trainerswas nothing in the way he stood, the long body relaxed, his hands pushed deep into the pockets of the well-worn jeans that clung to narrow hips and powerful legs, that spoke of threat or any sort of menace. And his face, although rough-hewn and rugged, did not have the type of Boys Hypervenom Phantom II TF White Red Cleats Soccersfeatures that made her think of black shadowy novels about serial killers or vampires rising from the dead.Not that serial killers conformed to the myth that evil had to be ugly as well. And this man was definitely not ugly. He was all hunk, if the truth was told. Those deep brown