fist. Pressia refuses to hide it.Fedelma, huffing behind her, shouts, Womens Hyper Prive 120 Black Glitter Peep Toe Platform Pumps;Quiet, boy! Go on about your play.rdquo;Pressia heads toward the stone tower; Womens Hyper Prive 120 Black Satin Peep Toe Platform Pumpsshe needs to get a better view. These kids remind her of what things might be like in the Dome. The breathable air, Womens Hyper Prive 120 Gold Glitter Peep Toe Platform Pumpsthe lack of deformities, scars, and fusings. She wonders where her half brother, Partridge, is now. He turned himself back in to the Dome. Is he finding people who will help him find a way to take over his fatherrsquo;s reign? Will he remember those suffering on the outside? Will he do the right thing? Is Pressia doing the right thing, imprisoned here, wasting precious time? Will Bartrand Kelly be true to his word? ;You sho