People loves a brand new car. A newly repainted car sometimes is just as good. A car with a new coat of paint will look sparkling. It draws attention as it shines. The driver feels good when he drives a newly resprayed car. It cost some money for a respray. But it is worth it because it makes your car looks beautiful. A competent workshop can do a wonderful job provided it has all the needed equipment. Ideally it should also have a dust-free room to do the job. They should also have qualified mechanics to do touch ups on the car, repairing scratches, rust spots and ugly areas. A good quality brand is needed to give a great coat of dazzling paint that protects the car from the elements and rust. A good paint job should last at least 5 years before a respray is required. Look for a reliable car respray workshop that offers a guarantee date of completion. Check to ensure they have the tools and manpower. Car respray Singapore.