Is your business secure? Taken precautions against thieves, burglars and gatecrashers? Nothing is really safe anymore. Protect your business against damage. More importantly, protect your family. With poor law enforcement,anything can happen anywhere without warning. It is better to be safe than sorry. Have you checked the security of your home by a professional security company? Seek their counsel and follow the list of additional measures they give you. Expend a little money to prevent loss of big money. When things happen you will discover the need a bit too late. dont delay. Put on additional padlocks, install bars on windows to prevent forced entries , install camera systems to warn intruders. Set up security monitoring equipment and connect them to police or security companies for 24 hour protection. Insurance will not help much if you lost something that no money can buy back such as loss of documents, name lists. Security systems Singapore. Check us out. We can advice you.