Because when it comes to spandex-clad supermen (and women), theres always room for improvement. Dont miss Arrow, The CWs action-packed re-imagining of comicdoms favorite archer. Wednesdays at 9/8c, only on The CW. 1. Wild West Justice League, by Denis Medri. 2. The Justice League as Manatees, by Joel Micah Harris. 3. Fantasy Avengers, by theDURRRRIAN. 4. Gender-Swapped Justice League International, by Maya Nord. 5. The Medieval Dark Knight, by Igor Kieryluk. 6. Manga-Style Justice League, by Cliff Chiang. 7. Sengoku Era Avengers, by Alex Mitchell. 8. Sailor Avengers, by Ann Marcellino. 9. Hipster X-Ladies, by Nate Bellegarde. 10. The Super Friends as The Golden Girls, by Kevin Bapp