Jurong town residents are the fortunate people in Singapore. They are served by one of the biggest shopping malls in Singapore - Jurong Point Mall. The mall is situated in the middle of Jurong Town. It has a subway station built next to it and a bus terminal as well. It is so convenient for residents to get to town or home after work. The mall is so vast that you can get everything you need for your home. Hundreds of shops cater to all your needs - supermarkets, restaurants, hair styling salons, DIY stores, CD stores, toy shops, electrical stores, convenience stores, eateries, and more. It is usually very crowded on weekends and in the evenings. People come for their grocery shopping and meals. It is a family outing in the mall. There are interesting things to see. Spend the afternoon shopping and eating. The town is huge and all residents love this mall. Sip your tea at Starbucks and observe the world go by. Jurong residents are a lucky bunch. Jurong east mrt station.