LOOKING FOR PUB FINANCEThe pub is one of Britain’s most Favorited institutions, but it hasn’t had the easiest time of it lately. A combination of higher beer prices, the smoking ban, business rates and supermarket discounts has contributed to a sharp decrease in pub and bar numbers, with the Campaign For Real Ale (CAMRA) revealing in February 2016 that there are 20% fewer pubs in the UK than a decade ago with business loans for pubsWhile the weekly rate of pub closures fell to 21 earlier this year – down from a height of 49 closures per week in 2009 – pub and bar owners continue to operate in a challenging economic environment, which has only been made more challenging by the result of the EU referendum. And with supermarkets continuing to undercut pubs on the price of alcohol, many publicans have been forced to rethink their business models to entice customers away from their sofas and put bums on seats.Whether it’s introducing an all-day food offering, putting on live entertainment or simply extending the pub garden, it’s very much become a case of ‘evolve or die’ for Britain’s beloved public houses business loans for pubs